This UNIQUE WALKING TOUR covers 400 years of history of the capital city of French America.


It also points out many significant events of the history of the U.S.A. and Canada


 that have influenced Québec City’s  development!







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Themes below – and many others – will be


introduced during the tour!


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Discover the History of French & British America through the streets of Old Quebec! Our guide will highlight the most significant steps of the history of Canada and the United States and their repercussions on Quebec City. Cradle of New France – a vast territory covering the St.Lawrence & Mississippi Rivers drainage basins - and now capital of the Province of Quebec, Quebec City has a unique French and British heritage observable through its institutions and architecture.


Let our guide unveil the treasures of this coveted stronghold located along the St.Lawrence River, gateway to the Great Lakes and starting point of the exploration of a continent once known as New France.



       Tour lasts 2.5 to 3 hours from lower town Old Port District and ends in upper town fortified city.

       Perfect Quebec City tour for History lovers

       Learn about the French and British colonial periods and how the foundations of Canada and the United States are interconnected.

       Meet with Samuel de Champlain, Louis Jolliet, Benedict Arnold, Sacagawea, Napoleon, Ulysses S. Grant, just to name a few, and learn about their role or impact on local history.

       Our handpicked passionate guides are trained professionals.



Meet your guide near the Musée de la Civilisation in lower town. You will walk through the historical financial district - established near the port area after the War of 1812- and you will pass by Barricade Street where Arnold’s troops were defeated a few months before the 1776 Declaration of Independence of the United States.


You will continue to Place Royale, Canada’s birthplace revitalized in the 1970’s with an Old European touch. The nearby Quebecois Mural Fresco is the perfect place to introduce most important characters of Colonial New France during Louis XIV’s remarkable reign!


Before heading to upper town and talking about the birth of Democracy in America, you’ll catch a few glimpses of Petit-Champlain, an exquisite local artisan’s district, where Irish immigrants originally settled when Quebec City became the only gateway to Canada before and after the 1847 European Potato Famine.


From the Dufferin boardwalk atop Cape Diamond we’ll cover 250 years of military and fortification history, from French ramparts to British forts built after the American Civil War. From this unique lookout near the Chateau Frontenac you will gaze at the outstanding St.Lawrence River landscape, its peculiar geology and panoramic overview of the naval battlefield of the French and Indians War!


On your way to the Catholic Notre-Dame-de-Québec and Anglican Holy Trinity Cathedrals, you will stroll amidst the unique British-influenced architecture of Old Quebec and discover the oldest French Monastery in America, a private school for girls continuously operated since 1639. It’s not without emotion that our guide will recount the remarkable contribution of the Ursulines since they settled in the cradle of New France many years before establishing in New Orleans.


To complete this in-depth historic walking tour, the nearby Old Seminary lends itself perfectly to give an overview of the recent history of the French-Canadians whose present-day institutions were founded during the 1960’s Quiet Revolution. This milestone in recent Canadian history represents the first step to the creation of a modern society, still struggling to perpetuate the French culture and language in North America.


Beyond doubt, this tour will be the highlight of your Quebec City trip!